Friday, December 11, 2009

Hi-Roc Carbide Drill Bits are amazing

Hi-Roc Sub-Micron Carbide Drill Bits. For use on work hardened and abrasive materials in the 42-65 Rockwell "C" range. Fantastic for stainless steel and heat treated alloys such as nickel and chrome alloys, steel weldments, titanium and high temperature alloys as well as stainless steel weldments. 140 degree split point. TIALN coated. At drill bit warehouse we have a fantastic selection of the very best drills money can buy.

TIALN Coated for super hardened and abrasive materials.
Titanium Aluminum Nitride is a hard, abrasion resistant coating.
Superior oxidation resistance provides unparalleled performance in high temperature machining.
Micro-hardness 3600 Vickers. Thermal Stability (750 deg. C or 1562 deg. F) Coefficient of Friction .45

Capable of producing reamer type finishes in abrasive materials such as: Chrome alloys, Heat treated alloys,
Nickel alloys, Titanium alloys, Steel & Stainless steel weldments.

140 degree notched Drill Point. Made of premium submicron carbide with a blended 10% cobalt.

Little known secret!
This drill can be used for small holes in Onyx, hard stone, Super hard tile, rock and jewelry applications when used with a drill press.

Precision tight tolerance holes. +0.0000 / -0.0005

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