Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to choose the right drill bit

Choosing the right drill bit can sometimes be a little difficult. Drilling hard steel or metal you would sometimes be better off with a cobalt drill bit rather then a high speed steel drill bit. Remember the harder the drill bit, the more brittle the drill bit.
High speed steel drill bits are generally the most common for most uses. If you are dealing with a hard wood, sometimes it is wise to use titanium drill bits, because it dissipates the heat better. Keeping the drill bit and the wood cooler during the drilling process. When Hard steel and stainless is an issue, it is usually better to use a cobalt drill bit. And finally depending on the drill motor and the feed and speed rate, a carbide drill bit might do the trick. And within all categories you need to also consider the type of flute or drill point that is needed. Whatever the need we here at Drill bit warehouse have the right product for the job. Feel free to call us at 1-800-350-TOOL (8665)

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