Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Drill Bit Warehouse Has a New Look!

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 Do you have need to drill through some metal, such as steel?  You know that your regular drill bits simply won’t cut it. But what’s the best way to go? If you need to cut through metal, you should consider getting some titanium drill bits or cobalt drill bits.

Let’s take a look at each drill bit and how it can be used most effectively:
Cobalt drill bits are made from cobalt steel blended with a fairly large percentage of cobalt. The cobalt actually makes the drill bit incredibly hard, with an abrasion quality. Cobalt bits are also superior for their resistance to heat.
Cobalt bits are used for production drilling (repeated drilling or professional projects). Cobalt drill bits are specifically designed for drill into hard, abrasive materials. They are ideal when used to drill into stainless steel, titanium and even cast iron.
If you are going to repeatedly drill through steel and other metals, you may want to look at cobalt drill bits, which are cobalt all the way through, can be sharpen when needed. 
On the other hand, titanium drill bits are a metal formulation of titanium nitride applied to (coating) a High Speed Steel (HSS) drill bits. These titanium drill bits have incredible high surface hardness and are very corrosive resistant. 
Titanium drill bits also significantly reduce the friction between the drill bit and the material being drilled through. Titanium bits are also ideal for cutting through metal. They will last up to six times longer than standard HSS drill bits.
Titanium drill bits have a higher hardness level typically than cobalt drill bits. However, the titanium is a coating on the drill bit, so you won’t be able to sharpen the drill bit and keep the titanium coating.
Both titanium bits and cobalt bits are more expensive than traditional HSS drill bits. But these drill bits are used for a very special purpose. Cutting through or drilling holes into stainless steel is not something most people need to do with their household drill. So, in part, using titanium or cobalt bits depends on what type of task and how often you plan to use the drill bits.
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