Thursday, August 27, 2009

Drill Bits for Steel and Aluminum

What drill bit to use? Well the type of flute determines how the chip will flow. At drill bit warehouse they carry both 118 degree fluted and 135 degree fluted drill bits.

118 degree is usually used in non ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass etc. The 135 degree fluted bits are used for your harder stainless materials and exotic metals.

At I found a great selection as well as fantastic prices on both types. The beauty of drill bit warehouse, is that if you can't find it quickly, you can simply call the 1-800-350-8665 number and knowledgeable people are quick to answer my questions. So if you are in need of a drill bit for steel, hard metals, aluminum, brass, carbon fiber or wood, concrete, asphalt or even glass. From a long drill bit in colalt to a stubby in carbide or even high speed steel. Check out drill bit

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