Friday, February 13, 2009

NEW HI-ROC Micro Carbide Drill Bit Set

Solid Carbide Drill Bits For extremely Abrasive Materials.

Solid Carbide Drill Bis For extremely Abrasive Materials.

"SET of the YEAR"

13 Piece Submicron Carbide HI-ROC CGDF Treated, 140 Degree Notched Drill Point.

Used For drilling Super Hard abrasive applications. Such as Heat Treated Stainless, BORAN , Some Titaniums and heat treated steel alloys.

Precision tight tolerance holes. (+0.0000 / -0.0005)
Submicrograin Carbide / Cobalt / W-ST - CGDF Treated
140 DEGREE Notched Drill Point. This set of drill bits are fantastic when nothing else will do the job up to 1/4" inch!

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