Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drill Bit Warehouse

I recently found a great site for drill bits. Thought I'd share my findings.

The New M42 Gold Cobalt Drill Sets are The Best For Hard Materials.

Peter Vons
Staff Writer

The is having a hard time keeping there Gold Cobalt drill bit sets in stock! Demand seems to be greater than the supply. This set is a 29 pc. M42 Gold Cobalt masterpiece. It retails for $258.88 but I found them there for $182.33

We used then in some hard steel applications for frame work and they stay sharper and outlast anything we have used so far.

Which Drill Bit Should I use?
For Concrete and Masonry Drill Bits, you need to decide on what Kind of Drill you have. The High-Quality German Bits at come ready-to-use for either Straight Shank, SDS-Max, SDS-Plus, or Spline Hammer Drills. Recent technology has allowed for high-quality drill bits at a price anyone can afford. Also, check out our newest Acquisition, USA-Made Carbide Drill Bits for Aerospace and high-alloy steals. When only the highest quality will do, choose USA Carbide!

High Speed, Titanium, Cobalt
What's The Difference?

Yes, with over 25 years serving aerospace, manufacturing and government the has a big selection, however it does create a small problem. How do you decide, which drill bit is right for you? Our Three most popular drill bits are Titanium, High Speed, and Cobalt.
All three of these have their benefits, and each one serves a special purpose. When you need a low-cost bit to just get the job done, and be reliable, whether it be wood, steal, drywall or other surfaces, High-Speed is going to be your best choice for quality and price. For a bit harder surfaces, and a bit longer lasting cut, take the small price jump to titanium. These are our most popular bits, and have great results to back up their great reputation.
With new machine technology we now can manufacture drill bits up 12 FEET long. Just call us.
For a great cut every time, and a bit that is Drill Bit Warehouse Certified to outlast the competition, is our high-quality cobalt. And don't forget, for sizes above half inch, Silver & Deming is what you need!

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